Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Nepali of the Week : Sagar Rajbhandari (Aerospace Engineer at Airbus)

1.Name- Sagar Rajbhandari

2.Profession- Aerospace Engineer,  PMT Specialist (Airbus)

3.Home town- Kathmandu

4.Current City- Hamburg, Germany

5. Education:
a.SLC- St. Xaviers School, Kathmandu
b.Intermediate- St. Xaviers Campus, Kathmandu
c.Bachelors- Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, RMIT University, Australia
d.Masters- Masters of Aersopace Engineering, RMIT University, Australia

NUG- What does your job involve ? What do you specially love about aeroplanes ?
Sagar- A structural engineer uses a set of method and tools to design aircraft structures such as wing or fuselage, which are safe and at the same time efficient in terms of weight, ease of manufacturing and maintainance. My task is to select the best available method and tools to be employed by the structural engineers or to develop a new one.

Commercial airplanes are a complex system working together to achieve a common task i.e. to take the passengers or cargo safely, economically and quickly for one place to another. I like the idea of it and also the fact that one airplane encompasses the effort of so many people working together.

NUG- If you had to forecast the future of aviation industry how would you do it?
Sagar- The world would be even more intregrated and people will travel more. The demand for the aircrafts will increase. The vast majority of the increase will come from the developing countries, especially Asia. There will be increased competition amongst the aircraft manufacturers both existing and the newcomers. The major demand would be on fuel efficient aircrafts with low operating costs.

NUG- What has been your mantra for success?
Sagar- Hard work pays off, logical thinking and understanding the constraints makes it efficient.

NUG- Tell us about your greatest work related accomplishment?
Sagar- Supporting a team from Europe, China and India to design a component for the new airplane.

NUG- What lessons has your work life taught you ?
Sagar- Skills for interacting with other people (social and communication) are equally important as technical skills.

NUG- Why do you think the west could lead the scientific revolution and not the east?
Sagar- Scientific innovations are generated where there is need and where there are significant engineering activities. It can be either the east or the west. The eastern culture of not questioning the established theory or authorities does sometimes slow down the process.

NUG- What does it require for highly qualified professionals like you to return back to Nepal ?
Sagar- Political stability.

NUG- How optimistic are you about the future of Nepal?
Sagar- Nepal’s  immense capabilities are tied down by political instability and excessive social obligations. Once these are addressed, things will automatically fall into place. With the rising neighbours, the future can be bright for Nepal.

NUG- What will be your advice to youths of Nepal?
Sagar- The youths of the Nepal are talented and as competent as the ones from the developed countries. One has to be persistent and look for opportunities at home and abroad. 

NUG- Where will we see you 10 years down the line ?
Sagar- Leading a group of multi-disciplinary specialists.

Nepal Unites Germany would like to thank Sagar Rajbhandari and wish him in the words of Anonymous ''May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future.''

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